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Heels, Height, & Hems: The French Styling Rule You’re (Probably) Not Following

Are you guilty of breaking this rule? It's the ONE fashion rule I follow consistently and it has seriously upped my styling game.

It’s always been the question I ask myself when I’m putting together an outfit: what shoes do I wear with it? It can be tough to know exactly what to pair with your garments, and often we see examples on our favorite Instagram stories and fashion spreads that break the rules and defy the established norms.

However, there are a few rules that really shouldn’t be broken when we’re talking about sportswear or ready-to-wear looks, and that’s the French Rule of Hems. Surprisingly a LOT of people haven’t heard about this rule, and that kind of blows my mind a bit because it’s the one fashion rule I consistently follow (and sometimes I feel like avoiding black-on-brown should also be a rule, but I digress) and helps maintain a polished look.

Basically, the rule is as follows:

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Casual Pinks – Spring 2018

My bud Hollis over at Hands of Hollis lamented to me the other day: “I need to know how to be casual but still put together.” I’ve got you, fam. It’s all in the cut & in your accessories; keep things light and informal by keeping your accessories minimal and your palette fresh.

Casual Spring - Pink



Shipwrecked Dress

This is one of the first “dresses” I’ve ever made. A friend of mine, Bekah from BekahBea Bridal, made a similar skirt as part of her bridal collection and I was instantly inspired. Her skirt is way more traditional bridal than mine is, with a lovely round, even hem and twelve luscious layers of white netting.

Of course, when I got ready to make my own, I wanted it to be different from hers but still interesting on its own. My skirt has eight layers of netting and was tea-stained to give it a vintage flair. Furthermore, I decided to distress the hem, which instantly gave me a shipwrecked Ariel sort of vibe (and you know that I am always on the hunt for a good Disney princess-inspired look). I finished the style with  a twisted-neck bodice that reminds me of something Daenerys would wear and that’s always a good thing.

Even better? My friend Connie wore the skirt as part of her shoot in Cloudland Canyon. She decided to pair the skirt with a hand-crocheted halter top that ended up being the perfect compliment for someone who didn’t want to bare quite as much skin as the original bodice.
Shipwrecked Dress by Bourdelle

The Deets

  • 8 layers of super soft bridal netting
  • Hand dyed with black tea
  • Sewn as a seamless circle skirt and hand-gathered onto an elastic waistband
  • Bodice made from the same netting, twisted and tied at the back


Want one for yourself? Get in touch to order your custom made tutu skirt.


Wedding Season Pastels for Spring 2018

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be so difficult! It’s hard to walk the line between being too dressy and not dressy enough. Luckily there are tons of adorable dresses this season that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Take a page out of Pantone’s book and mix a lovely dusty blue with pops of rose gold and pink to give your outfit some pop without outshining the Couple of the Day.

This collection is perfect for an afternoon wedding in a garden where the couple is serving mint juleps and has lawn games set up for cocktail hour. Super comfy heels will keep you dancing well into the night and showing off your perfect pedi.

Wedding Season 1